Cookie policy

What are cookies? 

A cookie is a piece of data from a website stored on the visitor’s computer by the web browser. Typically to remember preferences, sessions (for example to keep track of whether a user is logged in or not), or track behaviour (e.g. pages visited).

If set by the website the user is visiting, it’s called a first-party cookie, while a cookie set by external services the website is using is called a third-party cookie.

Why we use cookies 

To remember user preferences.

The cookies we use 

Type Name Purpose Duration
Preference dismissedBrowserWarning Remember user acknowledgement of old browser warning so we can hide it for future visits 1 year

How to opt out? 

There are several ways to avoid having cookies placed on your computer in general, and for this website in particular:

Block the use of cookies 

Most web browsers allow you to completely block all-, or only third-party cookies. This often results in some websites stop working properly. In this case the consequence is that we will display the old browser warning each visit (since we cannot store your acknowledgement of the warning).

Do not track (DNT) 

If you enable DNT in your browser, it will send a do not track-request to each website you visit. The owner of a website can then choose to adhere to this request or not. In our case we do not set any tracking cookies regardless.