Environmental indicators

Indicators and data related to the national environmental objectives (e.g. fresh air), for more informartion see The environmental objectives system.

The production of the indicators is a joint effort by eight government agencies and the counties.

Data quality 

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License & conditions 

The data is licensed under Creative Commons Zero, CC0.

Our APIs and data are provided "as is" without guarantees concerning potential errors in the data, availability and performance of the API and similar. We reserve the right to block individual IP addresses or, alternatively, to completely shut down services in the event of obvious abuse.

Data model 

To better understand this data, the following model covers the basic parts

Indicator model
  • Indicator - the main information item describing a particular indicator
  • Objective - environmental objective the indicator is used to track the state of
  • Dataset - grouping of data used for tracking the state of the different phenomena monitored
  • Presentationvariable - the dataset’s data is split into these
  • Presentation - A selection of data combined with textual descriptions to present the state of a phenomena monitored
  • Location - geographical coverage of the data and textual descriptions


The data is made available via a HTTP/REST API.


Example usage 

Currently the API does not support CORS (to be corrected). Meanwhile no browser demo of example usage is available.