Naturvårdsregistret (NVR)

Data from the official list of protected nature areas (sites) in Sweden (Naturvårdsregistret, NVR) is exposed through a number of distribution channels.

Read more about protected nature areas:

Data quality 

See the Swedish EPA’s metadata catalogue for details: Öppna tjänster för data i naturvårdsregistret (Swedish).

License & conditions 

The data is licensed under Creative Commons Zero, CC0.

Our APIs and data are provided "as is" without guarantees concerning potential errors in the data, availability and performance of the API and similar. We reserve the right to block individual IP addresses or, alternatively, to completely shut down services in the event of obvious abuse.

Data model 

To better understand this data, the following model covers the basic parts:

NVR data model
Entity Endpoint
Site /omrade
Environmental objectives /miljomal
Rules /foreskriftstyper and /foreskriftssubtyper
Purposes /syften
NMD classes /nmdklass


The OpenApi specification and examples below describe a REST API that exposes the whole data model, but has some limitations in the spatial aspects, e.g. geometries are only available in WKT format and there is no possibility to filter the results spatially.

However, a subset of this data is exposed through OGC Standard Compliant WMS and WFS services. If your use case requires spatial operations we recommend combining this API with the OGC services.

WMS and WFS services 

For more information regarding the data and the OGC services, see this document (Swedish).

The WMS service is available at

The WFS service is available at


Example usage 

The example below shows the outlines of national parks on a map of Sweden. After clicking on the features in the map a call is made to the NVR REST API to get information about the national environmental quality objectives for the national park.

Geometries for the parks are downloaded from, converted to geojson using QGIS and loaded directly from github for brevity of this example (the same could be achieved in code by calling a WFS or ArcGIS REST API service or by utilizing a getFeatureInfo-request on a WMS layer, see Distributions for more information.)

Note that the pictograms used in this example require special permission to use, see Sveriges Nationalmål for more information.